Summer Team Building

As the summer months descend, we find ourselves heading outdoors to connect with nature and enjoy sun-filled days. We’ve collected some of our favorite team-building activities to engage your teams and enjoy the best parts of summer. But fear not, if summer doesn’t mean glorious sunshine where you are, we have some great suggestions no matter rain or shine. 

Holding a team-building event offers numerous benefits that can enhance team dynamics, improve individual and collective performance, and contribute to a positive organizational culture. Here are some key benefits: 

  • Improved Communication
    Team-building activities encourage open communication, helping team members better understand each other’s communication styles and improving overall interaction within the team. 
  • Enhanced Collaboration and Teamwork
    By working together to achieve common goals in a relaxed environment, team members learn to collaborate more effectively and trust one another. 
  • Increased Morale and Motivation
    Fun and engaging activities can boost team morale, making employees feel more valued and motivated in their work. 
  • Improved Problem-Solving Skills
    Many team-building activities involve challenges that require creative thinking and problem-solving, helping teams develop these critical skills in a practical context. 
  • Better Conflict Resolution
    Through team-building exercises, team members can learn and practice effective conflict resolution strategies, leading to a more harmonious work environment. 
  • Boosted Creativity
    Activities that encourage out-of-the-box thinking can stimulate creativity and innovation, benefiting the team and the organization as a whole. 
  • Reinforced Company Values and Culture
    Team-building events can reinforce the company’s values and culture, ensuring that team members are aligned with the organization’s mission and goals. 

YES recommends!

Techy Team-Building Fun

Fancy a fun urban adventure guided by iPads? Much more than a treasure hunt, allowing you to discover surprising places all over the globe. Streets, neighborhoods, towns and cities turn into a great game board for you and your team, using technology as the resource that guides your way. 

Resourcefulness, creativity, and intuition are the tools for your success. You will solve puzzles, overcome challenges, discover hidden surprises, and interact with historical figures. This fun team-building competition takes you back in time through the history, art, culture, and gastronomy of a destination of your choice. 

Feeling Crafty

How about gathering your team together to channel their inner creative? There are many options that can be sent to you in kit form, which can then be carried out in a location of your choice. You may prefer to take the time out to visit a studio where you can be guided through your activity or, a virtual workshop may better suit your needs. The hardest part will be choosing from the options available, from making beautiful, beaded accessories – such as phone chains, sunglass chains, bracelets, and necklaces to guided art classes that can be tailored to your team’s needs.  

Glorious Food

If “What are you having for dinner?” or, discussions of the latest restaurant finds are a daily hot topic in your office, then maybe a food-inspired activity could be the one for you. With an abundance of options to choose from, we can help you find the one best to tickle your team’s taste buds. 

A Day On The Water

Sailing Regatta
Discover the fascination of sailing on a high-performance sailboat. Learning by doing, this team building involves navigating, communication, decision making, being oriented to results and in addition, a good dose of motivation. 

How about a group surf lesson or, attempting a ‘downward dog’ on a paddle board with a SUP Yoga session? 

Giving Back

You could use the opportunity to support a cause close to your heart, that helps to support your local community or beyond. These could range from signing up the team to take part in a charity hike or golf day, an organised homeless sleepout…or dragon boat race to a litter-pick at a local beach. As a team you could create kits to be delivered to food banks, human & animal shelters, the possibilities are endless.  

Strike A Pose

For most, our mobile phone is never far from our hand and is the first thing we reach for when wanting to take a quick snap, but do you know how to get the most out of your mobile when taking photographs? Why not incorporate a short course on revealing these hidden features concluding with a team photoshoot or, send them off to see who can return within an allocated time with the best-themed image with their newly found skills, to claim their prize? 

Desk Drop

Our EMEA team recently had the lovely surprize of arriving at their desk to find a biscuit desk drop. It provided an hour away from our devices to be creative and bond over delicious biscuits, which we also got to enjoy with a cuppa after.  


When you can’t get the team to the pub for a post-work drink, why not bring the pub to them? Create a cocktail/mocktail masterclass, virtual wine/cheese tasting? We can help brand your gathering, arrange delivery of event essentials to each employee and host the evening. Check out our Virtual Pub case study for some ideas.  

Overall, team-building events can significantly contribute to the development of a cohesive, motivated, and high-performing team, ultimately benefiting both the employees and the organization. A team-building activity can also be the perfect addition to your next training session, meeting or conference, providing a fun rest bite and helping to revive enthusiasm.

Our expert team at YES can help elevate your next team-building event, wherever the destination, from organizing the best concept for your team, we’ll be on hand every step of the way, to taking the stress off your shoulders, ensuring, it runs smoothly and delivers on your business goals. So why not speak to our team today?