Creative Services

Creative Services

Events are never fully complete without ‘Creative Services’. Our creative team will assist to provide you with full production, marketing campaigns, designs, websites, apps and surveys to engage your delegates and bring your event to life.

AV & Production

AV and production give you the stage to communicate your brand and deliver those crucial messages to your delegates. This is an important focal point of the event that needs a lot of attention and detail. We have many years of experience working with our trusted production partners and will ensure that the set and stage hits the brief in every way.

Marketing & Design

No event is complete without supportive event materials, be it agendas, branded gifts, e-shots, menus or a fully developed communication campaign. We pride ourselves on ensuring even the smallest detail is on-brand and consistent with the overall event theme.


Your delegates experience commences when they hear of your event and then go online to check it out. Our in-house web designers can create a unique mobile friendly event website, to deliver key information and messaging to your delegates, with interactive features such as registration portals, travel booking, interactive venue maps and much more.


Our event apps allow you to interact with delegates before during and after your event. Why not use the app to send alerts straight to your delegates diary to encourage them to attend workshops or seminars. Show them speaker profiles and allow them to provide live and interactive feedback. Apps are a great way for you to ensure your delegates are fully immersed in your event experience.


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