The YES Sustainability Pledge

Our pledge is to educate our customers and suppliers to ensure that the destinations and communities we serve will grow and prosper for generations to come. YES have set internal goals for 2022/23 and hope to deliver these across all events moving forward by educating our clients on how their events can be more sustainable and environmentally friendly;

  • Encourage plastic free events / no single plastics
  • Gift bags made of card or canvas (prefer canvas as it can be re-used)
  • Water stations instead of providing water bottles for delegates (provide delegates with re-fill eco-friendly water bottles)
  • Coffee cups to be recyclable (encourage clients to offer re-usable thermos coffee mugs for delegates to keep – eliminating all cups during the event)
  • No plastic lanyards
  • Recycle bins onsite
  • Recycling all event materials
  • Off-set carbon emissions and contribute to sustainable projects.
  • One vegan food break / lunch (dairy and meat free meals saving the planet)
  • Encouraging clients to swap red meat for chicken / vegetarian options (Less harmful to the environment)
  • Swap printed signage for digital
  • Paperless event packs
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